‘The Life She Once Knew:’ Story of Bloomingdale library attack survivor published

Written By: Haley Hinds (FOX 13) – October 23, 2020


Her story of courage and determination has been shared around the world. Now, the journey of a young woman who was brutally attacked at the Bloomingdale library 12 years ago is published on the pages of a book written by her mother. 

Bloomingdale library attack survivor’s mother writes inspirational memoir of daughter’s struggle

Written By: Wendi Lane (ABC Action News) – October 23, 2020

Vanna Nguyen remembers the day her daughter Queena got a full scholarship to the University of Florida.

Mother’s memoir recounts Bloomingdale rape case

Written By: Dan Sullivan (Tampa Bay Times) – October 21, 2020


It’s been 12 years since an uncommonly brutal crime rattled the Tampa Bay area and changed one family forever.

Mother Of Local Hero Queena Releases A Memoir To Share Inspirational Journey

Written By: Libby Hopkins – July 31, 2020


Queena Phu may be known as the Bloomingdale Library Attack Victim, but to those of us in the Brandon community, Queena is also known as a hero. She is a vibrant young lady who was affected by traumatic brain injury at the age of 18 in April 2008 during her senior year. The injury left her with many disabilities and changed her life forever.

Queena’s mom, Vanna Nguyen, is preparing to release a memoir about her life, faith and her amazing daughter.

Queena Celebrates 28th birthday, 10 years of survival after brutal attack

Written By: Shannon Valladolid – April 29, 2018


It’s been 10 years since Queena Phu was brutally attacked by a man outside the Bloomingdale library in Brandon.


Her story has been an inspiration to many in the Tampa Bay community.

Sunday afternoon, friends and family gathered to wish Queena a happy 28th birthday and celebrate 10 years of survival.

New book chronicles 10-year journey of attack survivor Queena

Written By: Ernest Hooper – April 12, 2018

We feel like we know her so well we call her by her first name — Queena. She inspires, as does her tireless mother Vanna Nguyen, and her adoring older sister Anna Donato.

Ten Year Celebration Of Life Fundraiser Celebrates Queena’s Journey

Written By: Osprey Observer Staff Report – April 2, 2018


In April 2008, a young woman, formerly known as the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor, was brutally raped, beaten and left to die outside of the Bloomingdale Regional Library. Over the last 10 years, the community has followed Queena’s story. Initially identified as a victim following the brutal attack at the Bloomingdale Library, Queena has turned into a beacon of hope to her supporters and followers and she is now referred to as a survivor.

Celebrating Queena

Written By: Yvette C. Hammett – March 29, 2018

It will be a decade in April since the world upended for Queena and her family. The day high school life came to an abrupt halt for the 18-year-old who had been preparing to head to the University of Florida on a full scholarship. The day that took away future opportunities to enjoy food with friends, walk to class or drive to the beach.