In 1981, a young woman faced death as she lay on the floor of a small boat in the South China Sea fleeing the life she once knew in Vietnam.

In 2008, her teenage daughter lay fighting for her life after being brutally raped and abandoned while returning books at a library near Tampa, Florida.

The attack in front of the Bloomingdale library left Queena with a traumatic brain injury, sentenced to a life unable to walk, see, or speak. As Vanna Nguyen lovingly poured herself into caring for her now severely disabled daughter, she also battled with reliving her own Vietnam War survival story. And she must decide, can she forgive the attacker whose unforgivable decision changed both their lives as they knew them forever?

In The Life She Once Knew, Vanna candidly chronicles the deeply spiritual and emotionally powerful journeys of these two strong women as they fight for their lives and their futures decades apart.

We are thrilled to announce our book now released. Here is the powerful book trailer for The Life She Once Knew: https://youtu.be/7JUgbVeRejQ


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To support Queena’s medical care and her ongoing therapy, autographed books are available for purchase here: https://checkout.square.site/buy/M7PNB6KU4BJD2HMG5SQ2I6AR


Vanna’s wish is 100% of the book proceeds can support ongoing expenses through Hope Heals the Brain and Queena’s Medical Trust Fund.

ABOUT The author

Vanna Nguyen is a refugee from South Vietnam and the mother of the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor, Queena. She devotes her life to Queena’s full-time care and advocates for special needs and justice for victims of domestic, sexual, and physical abuse. She lives in Florida with her partner, Robert; Queena; and her two Shih Tzu dogs, Charlie and Princess. Her other daughter, Anna, lives nearby with her husband, Jonathan.


Vanna’s wish is that this book’s proceeds can support ongoing expenses through Hope Heals the Brain, Inc. and Queena’s Medical Trust Fund. If you would like to make a donation to help Queena, please visit www.joinqueena.com/donate.

Your contribution is tax-deductible by Hope Heals The Brain, Inc. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization EIN 47-2101791

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