I am united with my daughter as we share the same basic instinct for survival. My faith has sustained me since April 24th, 2008 when Kendrick Morris raped my daughter and left her for dead at the Bloomingdale Library. My daughter is encased within a prison mentally and physically as she cannot walk, talk, see or eat on our own. For more than a decade, her warmth of personality, determination and ability to connect with others remain strong while he is in prison for life. Justice has been served and I am focused on my full-time job of taking care of Queena. I have been writing in my office, garage, since September 2013. I have an agent, Geoff Stone of the Rudy Agency and have completed most of my writing using the “notes” app on my iPhone and then emailing my editor.

When bad things happen without explanation in the world, we are scared hearing of these random acts of violence. Will it overtake us or our family? If it does, we have shown we can survive and that random acts of kindness can make a difference. God will walk with us in our faith and abide and love us through the hardships. When I arrived in the United States after leaving South Vietnam when the country fell to communism, I came alone as an immigrant propelled by the love and support of my father and family. I beat the odds. I believe that my daughter will beat the odds and so I remain, a tireless advocate for Queena’s rehabilitation from traumatic brain injury sustained during the attack.

I have big goals and want to see “The Life She Once Knew: The Incredible True Story of Queena, The Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor” published in several languages providing hope to the downtrodden around the world. I want to see it become a movie. My wish is 100 % of the book or any related proceeds can support ongoing expenses through Hope Heals the Brain, Inc. and Queena’s Medical Trust Fund.

I am thrilled to sign with Ambassador International as of November 12th 2019. This was the right decision as this is a strong Christian Publisher. The publication date will be around November 10, 2020. Stayed tuned as more news will be shared the closer the publication date.

Both Queena and I are survivors and our story will speak to many people of different cultures, ages, genders and experience. My past as an immigrant in the United States, building a successful business and raising my children as a single mom strengthened and guided my decisions today. We are very grateful for the random acts of generosity and kindness including the donation of Guy Harvey Inc. for the VIP trip to the Gator Bowl, and the attention of the public to Queena from our community for her abominable will to survive against the odds. It is because of goodness continuing and the strength of faith that I am able to move past the event, enjoy the wedding of Queena’s sister Anna, and move forward with optimism. I still remember the beautiful teenager Queena enjoying putting on makeup and fixing her hair with her strong small group of friends, her involvement in sports, and her strong personality.

My business continues forward and with support from the community, my family continues forward. Retelling the events reassures me that this crime will not be forgotten but that the strength of my family’s faith and the response of the community will ensure that Queena is not forgotten. Thank you. The road to recovery is long but if you take it one day, and one victory at a time, you will survive.